Velvet 18″ 45cm Pillow Cover Green With White Flower, Accent Cushion Cover

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Bold Green Flower Cushion / Modern Scandinavian Pillow Cover / Velvet Cushion Cover / By UK Designer Paulina Mucha

As you get on the couch or sit in your chair, put your head down and relax on a lush velvety pillow featuring our Scandinavian inspired green flower pattern. This modern cushion cover would make a perfect home furnishing or a gorgeous housewarming gift.

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This pillow is made from our Dutch velvet fabric to give it a luxurious feel and offer you more comfort. The surface has a lustrous sheen, reflecting the light nicely. It feels and looks divine.
The colour may differ slightly to the photos you see here, this is due to the lighting. The lighting in our home may be different to the lighting in your home.

Hand-wash is recommended. Lay flat to dry. You can iron using low heat to remove any wrinkles but please iron one side at a time to avoid any discolouration.

Shipped within 1 business days. While UK orders take 2 to 3 days to arrive, international orders take from 5 to 15 days.

My Scandinavian style velvet pillows make a fantastic housewarming, birthday gift or a Christmas gift. Especially for someone who appreciates handmade, unique items or someone who loves decorating.

Images © Paulina Mucha Instagram


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