Paulina Mucha


Who is the person behind this brand? My name is Paulina and I have started this business back in 2016 when I was just 18 years old. I studied Art and Design at my local college, focusing on product design, paying strong attention to the details of contrast in Art and mid-century, architectural modern design. But just like many of us at that age, I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what I wanted to do in life. What I did know is that I loved decorating and loved Scandinavian style I discovered whilst visiting my mum in Norway from a very young age.

At home every single weekend I would completely rearrange my room and move all the furniture around….. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on new decorations so I would make them myself! I really enjoyed it. 2 years after I became an Art Student I began to explore my interest in graphic design and contemporary style. This was when I discovered that if other artists do it, I too could translate my own style into something. By combining my passion for interiors and decorating I created a one of a kind collection of products.  

I thought it would be pretty easy to start this kind of business…. It was not! But I truly believed in my dream of making this business work and this kept me going. I’m already working on creating a range of other products featuring my designs and I’m super excited to launch them soon.

Why did I choose velvet? It was a tough decision to choose the right fabric for my collection of cushion covers. It was so hard that in fact it has taken almost two whole years of sampling to find the look and feel that I was finally happy with. It sounds crazy, I know. But I did that because I didn’t want to produce something I didn’t like and didn’t feel comfortable taking money for. The products have my own name on them…and I would not put my name on something of a poor quality. This is why I went that extra 10000 miles to get it all just perfect. Many brands offer cushion covers made from cotton and linen – I didn’t like the look and feel of those. I wanted something that felt and looked more special. The fabric I have chosen for my covers gives them a luxurious feel and offers you more comfort. It’s soft and feels lovely on the skin. The surface of the fabric has a lustrous sheen, reflecting the light nicely. I truly stand behind the brand and believe that the combination of my velvet fabric with my unique bold prints can completely transform your room in just a couple of seconds.

Are you interested in collaborating or stocking my products? Please get in touch if you’d like to work on something together.