Paulina Mucha


I started my business called “Paulina Mucha” when I was 16 year old, in college.

I studied Art & Design for many years, focusing on interiors and product design, paying strong attention to the details of contrast in Art and mid-century, architectural modern design. But just like many of us at that age, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in life.

Having been visiting my mother in Oslo since the age of seven, I was always inspired by the traditional simplistic Scandinavian style and that funky, modern twist to it. How is that related? Well…As they all say, home is where your mother is and that is exactly how I did and how I still feel about that country. There was just something about the city – the buildings, the colours and even the atmosphere as well which inspired my work throughout the years of studying art.

Two years after I became an Art Student at my local College, I began to explore my interest in graphic design and contemporary style. This was when I discovered that If other artist do it, I too could translate my own interpretation of such style and by combining my passion for my home and interiors I created a one of a kind collection of products.

In my designs, I like to combine the opposites together – bold, sharp patterns and soft fabrics.. traditional with contemporary..I feel like this is what makes my style stand out. Through my bold and graphical designs plus the choice of soft velvet fabric, I hope to bring the feeling of comfort and style into people’s busy lives.

You can update your room in just seconds with my new range of fun, contemporary cushion covers. They make the perfect accent on a chair, sofa, window seat or bed.

Are you interested in collaborating or stocking my products? Please get in touch if you’d like to work on something together.